Thursday, June 1, 2017

What to do After a Car Accident.

Six months ago, we visited this unpleasant, but important subject.  No one wants to “plan” for it.  We just want you to approach the situation without panicking if it should ever rear its ugly head.  Let’s face it, there will probably come a time in the future where you are standing outside of your vehicle that has just been involved in an accident.

Always check everyone inside all of the cars involved to see if anyone is injured.  Your first phone call may be 911.  In this era, make sure that you also use your cell phone to take copious pictures of the scene.  Then exchange insurance information, and also during this time…call the cops!  They need to file a report depending on the severity of the accident.

What is the next obvious thing to do?  It is call a good attorney.  One of the best in our area is Baltimore car accident litigation lawyer Briana Arnold.  She will give you personal attention and not just pass it off to some newbie at her office.  That will become very important moving forward.  Remember Attorney Briana Arnold at (410) 484-1400.

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