Thursday, May 24, 2018

When to Call a Lawyer.

If you watch television, you would think that you should have a personal injury lawyer on speed dial.  The hope, of course is that you never need one.  In the calm of day, with no imminent emergency (I hope) this may be a good time to cover some of the timing issues of when to call an attorney after an accident.

When should your make that call?

1.  Beware of the statute of limitations of how long you have to file AFTER an accident.
2.  Follow the rules.  When do you need to file a police report?
3.  Your insurance company may NOT have your best interests at heart.
4.  You may not know the full extent of your potential damages.
5.  Proving liability is no “piece of cake”.

When and if you need a hard-working personal injury attorney in the Baltimore area I am a phone call away.  My name is Briana Arnold.  If you call, I will give you my full attention in assessing your particular case.  Please arrange an appointment at my office located in Baltimore’s Commerce Center East by calling (410) 484-1400.

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Getting Asylum in the United States.

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides that the initial interview for asylum applications filed on or after April 1, 1997 (a year ago) should take place within 45 days after the date the application is filed, and a decision should be made on the asylum application within 180 days after the date of filing.

Here are some of the reasons that people file for asylum –

1.  Race
2.  Their choice of religion
3.  Being a member of a certain social group in their old country
4.  Their political opinions.

There are more, of course, but the bottom line is that millions of people over the years have chosen the United States of America as a safe haven.  If you or a loved one is seeking asylum in the Baltimore area please contact Maryland immigration attorney Briana Arnold.  She will sit down with you and formulate a plan from her Baltimore office.  Call (410) 484-1400.