Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy Holidays to All Americans.

Wherever you may have been born you are now in America.  If you came here to live then we want to help you stay in our great country.  The recent election has raised the awareness of many as to the future of immigration.  At this point NOTHING has changed.  What may or may not happen remains to be seen, of course.

One thing is certain.  If you are here and not yet a citizen of the United States you must follow the rules and regulations of this great nation.  Things may change after January 20th so why not prepare now?  Don’t panic.  Right now you have no reason to.  Success in this country has always belonged to the well-prepared.  Just read our history books and you will see that for yourself.

Do not wait until the New Year.  Now is the time to contact Baltimore area immigration attorney Briana Arnold.  She will sit down with you and offer her expertise of many years as to what is happening now and her considered opinion of what the future of immigration in this country will bring.  It may be the most important thing you will ever do as a future US citizen.  Call Briana Arnold today at (410) 484-1400.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sloppy Medical Practices.

The days of “oh no, we operated on the wrong body part” are NOT completely over.  Surgical errors still occur every day in this country.  Something as simple as the surgeon operating on the wrong vertebra just because the X-ray was not completely clear is still a very real scenario.  Here is a more common mistake…is the procedure being done the correct one in the first place?

This statistic may shock you.  In a survey taken over 12 major U.S. cities, it was discovered that nearly HALF of all patients did not receive the recommended care for their particular condition(s)!  Every body is different.  Operating rooms are not supposed to be assembly lines.  Because of the fear of malpractice some mistakes are made out of omission rather than commission.

It all adds up to this…medical malpractice is still rampant even in our modern health care facilities.  Always ask your doctor ahead of time to give you details on your treatment step-by-step.  If something occurs that just does not seem right, please contact Baltimore area medical malpractice attorney Briana Arnold.  You can reach her for thorough and confidential advice at (410) 484-1400.