Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Coming Soon - An Amazingly Immature Exhibit at Port Discovery Children's Museum!

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"Family fun and laughter combine with science and math in this can’t miss exhibit!"
At Port Discovery Children’s Museum May 20 through September 4, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Best Interests of All.

When an impending divorce results in a child custody battle the lines often blur.  This is not about “winning at all costs”.  It truly is about what is best for the child (children).  Many times, cooler heads do NOT prevail.  You need to develop a plan that is carefully thought out and involves all parties.

Ultimately, the court will decide on the issues of primary or joint custody as well as financial responsibility.  There are many important considerations.  Among them are…

1.  The proper method to divide parental involvement.
2.  The fitness of each spouse to be a good parent.
3.  Stability at each home.
4.  The continuing education and religious upbringing of the minor children.

During this painful time, you need a representative in court who has your best interests at heart.  May we suggest a highly qualified female lawyer?  Briana Arnold is a Baltimore area child custody attorney.  She has practiced before various family judges in Baltimore County and she will represent you!  Give Attorney Arnold a call today at (410) 484-1400.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day in Maryland!

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"Mothers do so much for their families. This holiday, celebrate Mother's Day by planning something special. We've gathered lots of fun ideas in our roundup of Mother's Day events in Maryland."


Monday, May 1, 2017

Six Degrees of Separation.

The promise of the new administration to crack down on illegal immigration is well under way.  So many of us know someone who knows someone who is challenged by being an illegal immigrant in this country.  For those that feel the pressure everyday life is challenging.  They go to and from work and do not draw any attention to themselves.

There are people in this great land who want to own a car, take a vacation, or purchase a home, but cannot at this point.  There is concern about family, friends, and neighbors in their community as they work toward getting the proper documentation.  No one should have to live this way!

The answer, of course is becoming a legal American citizen before the dream is dashed.  In the Baltimore area the right person to contact NOW is Briana Arnold.  She is a Baltimore area legal documentation lawyer.  She will assist you and your family on this important journey so you can walk around with your head held high.  Call her today at (410) 484-1400.