Thursday, September 15, 2016

Becoming an American.

It has become a more and more important topic in the United States, especially with the Presidential election looming.  Many Americans have fled their former land risking their lives to make it to our great country.  In 2015 the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services naturalized nearly three-quarters of a million people.  A quarter of the population were once immigrants!

To become an American there are several steps you must take –

1.  The refugee process.  Refugees from abroad need a referral.  Review the process.
2.  The interview.  When someone arrives they are interviewed and personal questions asked.
3.  The English test.  This will determine how much English can be read and written.
4.  The civics test.  It has 100 question, but the interviewer will probably pick a random 10.

It is definitely stressful and extraordinarily important.  If you or a loved one is about to become a United States citizen call Briana Arnold.  Attorney Arnold is a Baltimore area immigration lawyer who will help guide you through the process.  Give her a call at (410) 484-1400 and make an appointment at her office located at 1777 Reisterstown Rd in Pikesville, MD.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Car Accidents and Company Vehicles.

When you are in a car accident and you believe that the other party has been negligent this may result in a personal injury claim.  What if that other vehicle is a “company car, truck, or van”?  Well, that might be a horse of a different color!  Operating a company car is a privilege and a large responsibility.  It does not give someone carte blanche to drive recklessly.

IF the company vehicle is insured the responsibility falls on that insurance company.  That policy is likely to be in the business’ name.  There are cases, however where the operator is responsible for the liability.  Depending on how the transportation was being used at the time of the accident may also be a determining factor on whom is liable.

This potentially complicated issue needs to be sorted out by YOUR legal counsel.  If you feel that you have a case against a driver operating a company vehicle contact Baltimore motor vehicle accident attorney Briana Arnold.  Attorney Arnold will break down every aspect of your case.  Give her a call at (410) 484-1400 for a free consultation at her office on 1777 Reisterstown Rd in Pikesville, MD.