Monday, April 16, 2018

Why Should I Hire a Female Divorce Attorney?

No one has to tell you what a stressful time that you go through in the divorce process.  This is especially true when there are minor children involved.  All you want is for the whole thing to be over already!  Your life is ahead of you and maybe you do not have any animosity, but you want and need a fast and fair resolution.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a woman to fight for your rights –

1.  E=MC squared.  Not what you think…emotion = more compassion.
2.  I know how to multi-task.
3.  I am a great listener.
4.  You can always approach me with any issue.
5.  I am on the side of you and your children.

No matter what the situation may be; contested, uncontested, minor children involved, whatever,  I believe that I am the right choice to represent you in a Maryland divorce court.  I am Briana Arnold, a noted Baltimore area family lawyer.  Why not make an appointment at my 1777 Reisterstown Road office by calling (410) 484-1400?

May Day in Annapolis

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"The May Basket Competition heralds spring in Annapolis. To celebrate May Day, residents & businesses in the Historic District, display baskets of fresh flowers at entrances. In its 58th Year!"

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What is the Future of Immigration in America?

Have you got a crystal ball?  Although the United States has long relied on immigration to fuel productivity and maintain a competitive edge, as well as drive the dynamic that characterizes American society, the nation’s overburdened immigration system is no longer serving America’s needs as this administration turns up the heat.

The Independent Task Force on Immigration and America’s Future seeks to design a new and simplified immigration regime that averts illegal immigration, and at the same time, harnesses the benefits of immigration for the future.  Their proposals target reform in three key areas: admissions, enforcement, and integration.

To say that the future of immigration in America is cloudy would be the understatement of the century!  It takes an experienced Maryland immigration attorney like Brianna Arnold to sort it out.  Please give her a call with your specific questions at (410) 484-1400 and arrange a meeting at her office located at 1777 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore.