Monday, September 17, 2018

Divorce in Maryland…How to.

Divorce is hopefully something that you will never have to go through.  It is certainly not something you plan on when you tie the knot.  Ugly divorce actions are legendary in the courthouse and by this, I mean legal actions that involve months, and sometimes years, of stress, anxiety and frustration as the parties fill the court with arguments and testimony.

Here are some of the grounds that most people face –

1.  Physical abuse…the door swings both ways
2.  Adultery…emotions run high
3.  Desertion or even complete abandonment
4.  Emotional abuse…not as easy to define but very, very, real

Fortunately, Maryland law has evolved in recognition of the fact that such divorces benefit no one!  In 2018 a compassionate divorce attorney will help you sort through the vitriol and get to the best decision possible.  My name is Briana Arnold.  I am a Baltimore area family lawyer.  Please call me for a consultation at (410) 484-1400.

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