Wednesday, April 19, 2017

When an INS Agent Knocks at Your Door.

We hope it never happens to you or a loved one, but if an INS agent comes to your door you must NOT get nervous!  First of all, don’t just open the door.  You have every right to ask why they are there and insist upon an interpreter if necessary.  Make sure that they have a warrant signed by a judge that they can slide under the door.

Now that we have covered steps one, two, and three what happens next?  Warrants I-200 and I-205 DO NOT give agents the right to enter your home.  If they force their way in, calmly tell them they do not have your permission to search the premises.  If they detain you be confident and ask to speak to a lawyer.

The important thing is to stay calm and do not sign anything without your lawyer’s advice.  Try to remember to get badge numbers and the types of vehicles that they are driving.  At your first opportunity contact Baltimore area immigration attorney Briana Arnold.  She knows exactly what to do next.  Her phone number is (410) 484-1400.

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