Tuesday, May 3, 2016

When a Domestic Partnership Ends in Baltimore.

This is an ever-changing society.  Commentary on this subject would have been non-existent in the past.  Domestic partners face similar issues to married couples.  However, it is important to know that they may not be facing the same legal issues.  The dissolution of a domestic partnership is equal to a divorce.  Benefits cease when a partnership ends.

Domestic partnership laws vary from state to state.  The process of ending a union of this kind is generally laid out in the initial domestic partnership agreement that was filed in that state.  In many cases it falls to the courts to decide the important matters of finance, family, and property.  These are matters that will affect the partners and any minors for the rest of their lives.

It is not your job to understand the domestic partnership laws in the state of Maryland.  It is imperative to find a Baltimore area domestic partnership attorney to represent your side of the case.  Attorney Briana Arnold will represent your case as with conviction. Call her today for an appointment at her Baltimore office to discuss your side in this matter at (410) 484-1400.

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